First multi strategy digital asset fund

We do the cherry picking for you

We create an opportunity to generate exceptional risk-adjusted returns

Our system, grounded on macroeconomic insights and deep crypto market analytics, forms the foundation for our decisions steeped in cryptocurrency experience, subsequently enabling data-driven decision-making.


Sharpe Ratio


Cumulative return from 2018*

The key to success lies in the synergy of our portfolio managers, their understanding and reflection of market conditions.

We are giving diversified access to digital assets in an institutional quality Fund of Funds with a tightly risk-managed and registered structure.


Ongoing data analysis from many funds allows us to change portfolio allocation quicker and thus adapt to the changing market environment faster than any single strategy.


We can balance our portfolio based on yield objectives and market conditions as we are not fixed into one single approach. Diversification brings stability to fund performance.

Unlimited upside

We have no restriction on the number of assets under management as we can allocate different amounts to different uncorrelated strategies, thus leaving us without any capital limits.

Active Management

We don't simply HODL. What sets us apart is the unique active trade management style based on the asset volatility, not just the price.

Join the fastest growing EU registered digital asset fund

A while back, institutional-grade fund managers met digital assets traders and merged their investment approaches into a cohesive trading strategy, which led to the development of the most incredible digital asset opportunity in our lives.

Join the fastest growing EU registered digital asset fund
*The figures are based on: Simulated backtest data (Jan 1, 2018 – Dec 31, 2021), Actual net performance of the fund (Jan 22 - to date), Bitcoin data from Kraken (Jan 1, 2018 -to date). The performance quoted represents past performance and does not guarantee future results.